Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day Goodness!

In honor of Earth Day on Wednesday,April 22nd I are spotlighting some items from my etsy shop that are so very Earth Friendly!!

I have a variety of Vintage Paper Packs to fulfill your crafting desires!! Instead of throwing away damaged books destined for the landfill, these bits of paper are useful for a multitude of craft purposes from card making to collage and more.

What do you do with vintage tablecloths that have holes and stains?? Well, you repurpose them of course! My cutters have been crafted into cute fabric flower pins that you can attach to your t-shirt, purse, headband...wherever you desire!

Vintage Drawer Pulls have so many new purposes! Use them to snazz up a tired night table or use them in some creative assemblage pieces. These have really nice details and are sold in pairs.

We hope that you learn how to make something useful again and be a creative crafter on Earth Day!!