Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lantern on Your Arm

I love, love, love this fabulous vintage purse from a fab ebay seller.

It is just so clever, stylish and well, it's RED!! Every gal needs a snappy red purse. I predict it will go sky high!! Will be a fun one to watch!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm....

Every once in a while in my vintage clothing selling career I come across an item that really makes me scratch my head. This jacket is one of those.

There are a ton of Ralph Lauren collectors out there! Yes, Ralph Lauren, not Jacques Fath, not Charles Worth, but good old Ralph!!

If anyone can shed some light on the popularity of cute bear sweaters and sometimes very tacky sports themed clothing items, I would love to hear from you!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Revving the Shopping Engine...

...well for another month or so anyway. DH is the absolute best and surprised me with the plane ticket to go to Seattle with my bestest girls!!! Yippeeeee.

I had originally planned on going, then felt guilty about my Visa bill (accumlated over Christmas...ugh) so told the girls I couldn't join them. So sad, sometimes I am too practical.

On Valentine's Day he presented me with the ticket. Did I mention he rocks my world???????????

Can't wait to go to Seattle and drink lots of coffee, use an umbrella & wear a cute raincoat it rains like 2 days a year here so raingear is a novelty), throw a big fish and shop vintage and outlets. All with the best friends a girl could have.

The first weekend in April cannot come fast enough!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


While in line at a store yesterday I overheard two late 50-ish women talking about a line of clothing they recently saw that was made from vintage clothes. Apparently the designer cut up vintage dresses and made them into pillows and new designs. It was the scariest thing I heard all day and it took all my energy to keep from screaming at these two ladies. In my humble opinion the ONLY time that this is okay, is when the fabric is ruined in a conspicious area beyond repair. We need to keep our ancestors clothing - they are little pieces of history and just as important as antique clocks and tables!!

So go ahead and save some vintage today!!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bowled Over!

OMIGOSH!! This bowling dress offered on ebay by fellow Vintage Fashion Guild seller denisebrain is just the darn cutest thing I have seen in a while!! From the little bowling pin buttons to the removable dickie on the rear...it is so clever and stylish at the same time!!

Women used to look so put together!! Think of the effort it took just to go bowling...matching outfits with your hubby, nice white socks, cute shoes, snappy bowling bag, combed hair, makeup....egads some women don't even put that much effort into going out for dinner with their fave guy these days.

Yup, I'm swooning for the good old days!! I really wish some moms would be honest with their daughters and tell them that the sight of their belly hanging out of their pants just is not becoming to anyone. Kind of like those same mothers on American Idol that tell their kids that they can sing. What's up with that??

Anyhow, I just love this bowling dress and everything it stands for! Here's to looking like you put effort into life!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Junk Hunter Girl and spousal side kick did a whirlwind out-of-town buying trip this past weekend!! What fun! We rented a car as there was a great deal here in town and ended up driving the 3 hour trip in a mile long Cadillac. So we drove through the destination city's worst neighborhoods in a big ole car with enough trunk space to fit...well everything I bought!!

Came home with bag fulls of vintage goodies...lots of lingerie and pretty things!! The most fun was a Suitcase Sale at one of the stores. You buy a suitcase ($9 garment bag in our case) and jam pack it with whatever you find. Not too much exciting vintage, but among someother oddities our family now has 4 matching lab coats which will make smashing Mad Scientist costumes this coming Halloween. Any good junk hunter knows that you must think ahead!!