Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Evening with Raoul

My girlfriend and I went to see Raoul Malo (Mavericks) play last night. It was so cool...very intimate setting with just him and his guitar on the stage. He is utterly charming, has a great sense of humor and one of the most beautiful voices I have heard!! He just effortlessly opens his mouth and this great sound comes out!! He played some songs from his upcoming album - a compilation of his favorite songs. Comes out in January - buy it!!

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cmeltifa said...

Hey this blog is not about jack johnson guitar tab. Silly internet bringing me here :-) Funny I have been doing hours of research on jack johnson guitar tab and it brought me to your blog on An Evening with Raoul. The web plays funny games sometimes. Anyways, I was reading your blog bonnie and I think it is really cool. Keep up the great work.
If you do not mind I may snag your blog and put it in my favorites. I read a ton of stuff that interested me. Keep blogging away :-)