Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vintage Frightful Frocks starts soon!

The kick off for the VFF event is tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 17th, but blog readers will get a little taste of some of the items to come from bonton*vintage. In our household Halloween is a big event and planning just the right costume takes time!! I hope you will be inspired by something to get your costume started off on the right foot!

A perennial fave is always the Hippie Costume. Just add afro, shades, granola bar sandles, some love beads and you are stylin'!!

This sugary sweet vintage 80's prom dress would make the best Pink Faerie costume!! Wings, tiara, wand, maybe some white fishnets and pink high heels finish it off!

Dressing like a Bad Girl is so much fun!! Remember Olivia Newton John in Grease...or go more 80's Madonna style. This is a great looking, (but not hot & bulky) biker jacket made from quilted satin, just perfect for a party with lots of dancing. Add a pencil skirt, tight spandex pants or skinny jeans and ultra high spikey heels of course!

We love this stunning Alfred Shaheen Asian style gown with flowing kimono sleeves! So classy and sexy with it's high leg baring slit!!

Lots more to come!!

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