Friday, January 06, 2006

Organization and Obesity

Two things have been on my mind lately.

#1 - I heard an interesting observation that successful people are not the ones running about madly, yakking in their Bluetooth 24/7, too busy for everyone, overstressed, life in shambles. Successful people are organized, they know how to delegate, they realize that downtime is important to their success. Makes sense doesn't it! So don't be fooled by those that appear to be successful...they are probably imposters!

Sidebar - One of my biggest pet peeves are the people that pull out their cell phone 2 seconds after the plane has landed. (imposters!)

#2 - Last night while listing some auctions a program about obesity was on TV in the background. I can't recall many of the statistics, but one I did remember was that 50% of Americans are overweight to some degree....egads!! They showed a teenager who was attending Fat Camp. It cost $7,000 a year to attend this summer camp. This was her 3rd time there. You do the math. When she called home to tell her parents that she lost 2 lbs. that week, their reply was "Is that all?". So sad!

We live in a world of too much convenience: easier to eat out or order in. We live in a world of overindulgent parents: much simpler to give your kids what they want than practice discipline. We live in a world where a doctor can solve your problems: cut it out, suck it out, take a pill.

The more I thought about it all, the scarier it got!!

2006 Resolutions for our family...keep up the ongoing organization and continue to eat healthy and everything in moderation. An ongoing effort to teach the boys some good life lessons!!

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