Saturday, January 28, 2006

While in line... for an estate sale on this balmy January morning I engaged in conversation with fellow estate sale enthusiasts. I'm not one of those people who can stand there for an hour 4 inches from someone and not talk to them. Well maybe if I haven't had my first cup of coffee, but java before heading out on a Saturday morning is a given in my life. So this morning I stopped at Tim's since it was convenient and stood in line there to order my medium coffee with double cream and a Walnut Crunch. Sugar and caffeine go hand in hand before the early morning estate sale scene.

Anyhow, I was talking to a couple of nice guys. It is amazing what you can learn about people in a short amount of time - really you have to know what questions to ask and to to listen to the answers and ask more questions...there really is an art to conversation that many people might not be aware of!! We spoke about Chilean politics and home building among other things in our 45 minute wait. Time flies when you are conversing after all!!

Today's haul was fair. Prices too high for me, but I did manage to bring home a lovely 2 piece 1950's wedding or going away suit, beaded chiffon dress in a gorgeous blue, a 60's inspired shell top with huge round irridescent sequin thingies, a tres chic Western jacket and 3 funky purses all totally different from eachother.

I usually learn a thing or two from someone I have never met before after one of my Saturday morning escapades into buying someone else's stuff. It keeps life interesting after all!!


VintageGent said...

Places like that make for such great people watching! I can't wait to see pictures of what you brought home. ~ Chris

Stacey said...

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