Friday, March 17, 2006


Life has been a whirlwind of researching schools and trying to figure out what is best for my 9 (almost 10) year old son. The wonderful world of vintage clothing has taken a backseat as my brain tries to process way too much information on schools and learning styles!!

Last night we went to an information meeting for a Fine Arts school. As I sat there and listened to the presentations given by the principal, students, teachers and parents, my eyes welled up...I knew that this was the place for my son!! It is heaven...a place where uniqueness is applauded, a place where the kids feel like they fit in, a place where you are encouraged to explore the arts and incorporate them into the core subjects, a place where everyone knows your name (or is that Cheers!!)

I wish we would have known about this wonderful school a year ago. It would be easier to get in at the Grade 4 level when the school begins. I will be calling for the application interview as soon as I finish typing this.

Of course, all the wonderful vintage stuff that I could never find a home for would now have one!!!!!

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