Friday, March 03, 2006

Va Va Voom!!

The color combination of pink and black is just so perfect!! One of my very faves, so I am having a hard time letting this fabulous 1950's halter dress go. But as I need shopping money for my upcoming Seattle trip with the girls, on the auction block it goes. I really hope it ends up making a trip to VLV or a swanky gala somewhere in this world cause it's a dress that has to be seen!

So I bring you my Top Five Reasons I love this dress!

1. Pink and black, duh!
2. Halter - my favorite style!
3. Shelf bust - can you say sexy!!!!!!
4. Beading - I have a thing for embellishment of any sort!
5. Full skirt - any chance to wear a huge crinoline and be ultra girly is a good thing!

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