Thursday, December 08, 2005

Getting the feeling...finally!

I have been trying really hard to feel Christmas-y...really! My brain is still on a beach somewhere and has no interest in spending money at the mall.

I finished off my Secret Santa's gift today as it HAS to get in the mail tomorrow to make it in time...Canada Post don't fail me. I made something that I hope she likes - actually every Secret Santa in the VFG has received one of these so far, so it has become a tradition of sorts.

So tonight, something finally went off in my head and I am getting the feeling a little bit. Not full force or anything, but it's coming along. If I listen to that fab Chrissy Hines Christmas song (2000 Miles) a few more times it might hit me good.

On a parting note, what is it with all the "Holiday" crap. As far as I know December 25th is Christmas, damn it! Why does the world tippy toe over this to not offend anyone?? Last time I checked the majority of North Americans were Christian. End of rant!!!!!!!!

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