Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Would Have Never Believed It

11 year old boy walks into the Pig House to give the large porcine creature a nice cold brewski. Upon seeing the familiar can in the young boy's hands, the pig starts to get excited and foam at the mouth. Boy gets freaked out and hesitates to give the pig his afternoon delight. Pig gets even more excited, bordering on agitated. Boy drops beer which spins out of control on the ground. Pig is freaking out. Kind father retrieves beer and gives it to relieved pig who crushes it in his jaws and drinks up the beer in mere seconds.

Just another day in St. Croix...who would have thought a business could exist on the cooincidence that pigs love beer.

PS - Pigs are on a 12 step program and only receive non-alocohic beer these days!

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