Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's Not About the Cookies

Recently several 40-ish women descended upon beautiful Canmore, Alberta to exchange cookies, talk too much, overtake the hot tub, do yoga, take a hip hop dance class and let's not forget drink wine!

These women rock!! They are all strong individuals in their own rights ranging from doctor to engineer to real estate developer. We are all moms first and foremost which brought us together 8 years ago.

It started with cookies. Has progressed to fabulous cookie packaging. But it will never be "About the Cookies". It is about the power of 7 women who come together to regroup and live life!!

I love all you girls!!!!

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Lizzie said...

Bonnie, from one junk hunter to another, I'm really enjoying your blog.

The pictures of your friends are priceless. I too have a group of very close friends that travel together. Is there anything like the love and support you get from like-minded women? I don't think so!