Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Junk Hunter Girl and spousal side kick did a whirlwind out-of-town buying trip this past weekend!! What fun! We rented a car as there was a great deal here in town and ended up driving the 3 hour trip in a mile long Cadillac. So we drove through the destination city's worst neighborhoods in a big ole car with enough trunk space to fit...well everything I bought!!

Came home with bag fulls of vintage goodies...lots of lingerie and pretty things!! The most fun was a Suitcase Sale at one of the stores. You buy a suitcase ($9 garment bag in our case) and jam pack it with whatever you find. Not too much exciting vintage, but among someother oddities our family now has 4 matching lab coats which will make smashing Mad Scientist costumes this coming Halloween. Any good junk hunter knows that you must think ahead!!

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