Saturday, February 11, 2006


While in line at a store yesterday I overheard two late 50-ish women talking about a line of clothing they recently saw that was made from vintage clothes. Apparently the designer cut up vintage dresses and made them into pillows and new designs. It was the scariest thing I heard all day and it took all my energy to keep from screaming at these two ladies. In my humble opinion the ONLY time that this is okay, is when the fabric is ruined in a conspicious area beyond repair. We need to keep our ancestors clothing - they are little pieces of history and just as important as antique clocks and tables!!

So go ahead and save some vintage today!!!!

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Lizzie said...

NO! Why do people think that this is okay? Funny, Bonnie, but I wrote a similar entry in my blog this week:

Some of the vintage clothing groups I participate in have had this discussion about whether or not to alter vintage clothing. Can't sell that 70s maxi dress? No problem, just cut off the bottom, hem it up to a mini and slap $9.99 on it. Or is that early 60s gown too demure? Slice it down through the decollete from the neck to the waist. It's a common practice, all in the name of selling the item.

Now, what you do with your vintage dresses is your own business, but before you get the scissors out consider this: Would you rather find an original bias cut gown from the 30s, or the one that a 1970s hippoe girl took, tie-dyed and cut to knee length?

Would you rather find a great 1950s Ceil Chapman gown in original condition, or the same gown that a Cyndi Lauper wannabe chopped off in the 80s?

Would you rather find a fine silk Victorian ballgown in perfect condition, or the same gown that was dragged out of the chest in 1946 to make a Halloween costume?