Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bowled Over!

OMIGOSH!! This bowling dress offered on ebay by fellow Vintage Fashion Guild seller denisebrain is just the darn cutest thing I have seen in a while!! From the little bowling pin buttons to the removable dickie on the is so clever and stylish at the same time!!

Women used to look so put together!! Think of the effort it took just to go bowling...matching outfits with your hubby, nice white socks, cute shoes, snappy bowling bag, combed hair, makeup....egads some women don't even put that much effort into going out for dinner with their fave guy these days.

Yup, I'm swooning for the good old days!! I really wish some moms would be honest with their daughters and tell them that the sight of their belly hanging out of their pants just is not becoming to anyone. Kind of like those same mothers on American Idol that tell their kids that they can sing. What's up with that??

Anyhow, I just love this bowling dress and everything it stands for! Here's to looking like you put effort into life!

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earthgurl22 said...

I agree with you. Even though I'm a 90's child, I can still appreciate the "good 'ol days". It’s true that the pop culture style of teens today is very "not put together", and it gives off the impression of being "easy". At my high school, my friends and I dress very impeccably to set an example, and possibly a change! By the way, I love your store on ebay, I'm a huge fan of 50's dresses!