Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Revving the Shopping Engine...

...well for another month or so anyway. DH is the absolute best and surprised me with the plane ticket to go to Seattle with my bestest girls!!! Yippeeeee.

I had originally planned on going, then felt guilty about my Visa bill (accumlated over Christmas...ugh) so told the girls I couldn't join them. So sad, sometimes I am too practical.

On Valentine's Day he presented me with the ticket. Did I mention he rocks my world???????????

Can't wait to go to Seattle and drink lots of coffee, use an umbrella & wear a cute raincoat it rains like 2 days a year here so raingear is a novelty), throw a big fish and shop vintage and outlets. All with the best friends a girl could have.

The first weekend in April cannot come fast enough!!

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